HELP!!! I LOST 500 dollars in ATM MACHINE!!?

I was withdrawing $1000, I took out $500 at a time because I can't take 1000 at once, I took out 500 then did another transaction and took out the second one the second 500 dollars was sitting in the machine while I was counting the first 500 the machine was making the beeping sound and then it sucked my money back in and when I looked at the receipt it showed I took out 1000 even though I never took it out, I spoke with the customer service and they told me to go the bank tomorrow and talk to them, can the banks look at the camera to see that I never touched the money????? the ATM took the money back after I waited too long.

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the machines keep careful track, they will be able to see the problem and rectify it. it may take a few days or even a week, but it will get corrected... just make sure you do as they say and go straight to the bank in the morning.

1 year ago

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Call the cops say you were robbed I did not know an atm could do that or just rob it back teach that atm a lesson it won't forget

by Justin - 1 year ago

It should have returned the money to your account if it was a matter of not taking it intime.

Get a ski mask, a crowbar and get it back

by another guy asking questions - 1 year ago

Don't worry. If the machine took the money back in because it wasn't removed from the tray, it will be recorded by the machine itself. These machines are computers, they know exactly what money was dispensed and what wasn't. However, a person has to rebalance the machine and manually re deposit that $500 back to your account or reverse the withdrawal transaction but that happens during business hours. You should phone the bank and give the address of the ATM, date and approx time and they will rectify the problem for you.

by bron357 - 1 year ago