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    Is their any way i can work from home?

    I'v graduated high school and I want to do home working ital be a a good all around job with perfect timing etc. But I heard the hole working at home was bogus I really want to get paid doing something like working in an office from home but how? Does this really work
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    I have known so many people that have fallen for the work at home scam. You are probably to young to remember the stuffing envelope scam. There is no easy way to make a buck, if there was we would all be doing it. You might be able to find a real job that the employer will let you go to the office 4 days a week and work at home one, but as far as the work at home cons, invest your time where you will get paid. And stay away from telemarketing and Kirby vacuums as well.
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    • Invest your money in some stocks, is that good? Get a check like every week or whenever.

      by Jigs - 21 minutes ago

    • Go out and find a real job. simple - u have no real skills or training to allow u to get a "job" at home. go to local community college to find out programs that can/will lead to actual good paying jobs with benefits. visit library for books on becoming self employed.

      by Rob - 21 minutes ago

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