I ordered two packages from the same location and only one came..?

So, I ordered online and the place sent out my order in two separate packages. One is a larger package, while the other is smaller. I received the smaller one today.
They both shipped on the 14th. However, I only got one of the packages today. Is this normal?
I used the tracking numbers they gave me, and it says the one package never got to my town, while the one that arrived today obviously did this morning. Is there a reason the small one went through, but the larger didn't?

Sorry if this is in the wrong category, I wasn't sure which one to put it in~!
Oh! By the way, they're both coming from USPS, and they're coming from Iowa. I'm from New Jersey.
Not sure if that information will help, but yeah. xD

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Give it another two days, I've had stuff delivered up to two weeks apart and both were mailed on the same day.

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I ordered two bath sheets for Christmas, one for my sister, and one for my brother. One was sent to me through the mail, and the other arrived via UPS. I couldn't understand it either. We may never figure out why companies do what they do.

by . - 1 year ago

Yes, that is completely normal. The smaller package got through because it was easier to get sorted and the larger package probably had to get checked through customs before allowed in. The next package should come in a few days.


by Tashi - 1 year ago

keep your eye on the tracking updates...

yea, the larger packages may be put on the backburner; do you see the size of those little package cars vs fedex or ups? they can cram so many boxes into them on top of their envelopes...

once it says sorted/ out for delivery... rejoice as it's on your local carrier's package car for the day & expect it to be at your front door

by ricebike - 1 year ago