How can I get startup money?

Hi, I'm launching an entertainment website filled with many video series. I am looking for a startup fund, any suggestions on how to obtain this? I live in a medium sized town, so I was thinking of a kickoff, but how should I go about this? I have 5 others as a part of the site, so it's not just me. Any suggestions?

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You could crowdsource your funding. Here's one place to do it:

You can apply for a small business loan

You could pitch your idea to tech funding angels or venture capital firms.
and more info here:

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Go to and and pitch your idea.

by Henry - 1 year ago

Since your business is small, you would probably do well with Kickoff.

If you are planning anything big, you'll have to find and sell your Idea to Investors.

by Brad - 1 year ago

Go on Inc magazine and Entrepreneurs website: and They have a lot of articles about finding initial funding like venture capital, angel investors and so on. Sometimes they even have companies names. Plus, you can find live examples how other people done it before. Also research how to make investment pitch in order to get investments or attention to your startup. Best luck,


by George S - 1 year ago