Sold something on eBay but I changed my mind?

It was my first time selling something, and the user payed today. But I regret putting it up for sale because I started at 0.99 to hopefully get higher bids but the highest bid was $4 an I originally paid almost $70 for that item so I really don't want it to be sold/ship it out. Is there anything I can do?!

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by posting the item you agreed to the terms of sale (a contract), if you attempt to renig on that contract you can be prosecuted for fraud. The buyer can actually get much more from you than the $4 item.

You need a real reason to cancel a sale & that you lost money on the item is not anyone's fault but your own.

Reserve prices and shipping is where most rookies mess up the first few times, you also have to be careful of international buys as your local laws will do nothing about a minor fraud, but if you break the deal the buyer can sue you and you would loose. Many buyers post that they will not sell to people with low or no feedback just so others can take the risk with them.

Every time someone selling something has a rule about the sale there is a reason for it, pay attention to the other sellers rules, they have done this all before.

best case you can refund the buyer, worst case they sue you in small claims and take you for a few thousand and you are banned from ebay, riposting the item with a reserve price would be all that was needed to prove your previous sale was canceled fraudulently.


1 year ago

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Should've added a reserve. ultimately the seller's fault.


by Lol - 1 year ago

You can talk to the buyer and retake the sale, but it will ruin your account credit. Other than that there's nothing you can do,


by Eryn - 1 year ago

If you don't ship this item, you'll get a well-deserved nasty neg that will make sure you don't rip off anyone else ever again on eBay.

This is entirely your fault for being too stupid to start the auction at the minimum price you're willing to accept.

by G - 1 year ago