Taking a day off for my birthday, is there something wrong with that?

I've been at my job for almost two years
Its my 21st birthday
Its my 3rd day off, of the month since I have my sis's graduation and cousin's wedding to go too

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narcissistic and selfish but not wrong

1 year ago

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I don't see why it'd be a problem unless you make it a habit of continually skipping out on work. I mean, these are legitimate reasons.

by shrubbery - 1 year ago

Taking a day off just because it is a graduation, wedding or because it is your birthday indicates that you do not take your job seriously. I employ 10 people. If any of them have a critical family need I am the first to tell them to attend to their families. The key word there is critical. Since you are turning 21 how about demonstrating to your employer that you are a dependable employee by coming to work EVERY day.

by QDK - 1 year ago

Are you not entitled to any vacation days at this job?

Take the days you have coming.

by Steve - 1 year ago