Why want they fire this employee?

I have 2 bosses an like 3 co workers (small business) actually a vet. So I've been here awhile an I don't understand why they want fire someone here. He's lazy, he complains about having too much work (not true BTW) his attitude is that he acts like he doesn't want to be here. He's late over 45 mins at least twice a wk, this week its been 3 times, he yells at the female boss an he disrespect all the women except the other man co worker. I have told both of my bosses about this matter 4 different times over a span of 4 yrs. The last time was Tuesday an it seemed they understood more this time but I've thought that in the past too an nothing ever comes of it! NOW I am currently looking for another job bc I am fed up but until then I don't understand my bosses, he makes this place impossible to work at!

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You are describing a hostile work environment. It sounds as if you didn't do the groundwork for your complaint. In order for your employer to use this type of complaint to fire someone, they need documentation. You should start keeping a log of instances. The log must have dates, times, a descreption of the incident preferably with the actual words used, witnesses if possible. Practically speaking, it will probably take several weeks of documentation for the employeer to be able to use it. Be prepared also to testify in front of the labor commission if the vet files a suit for illegal firing.


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Tell them he hates your bosses and uses their time to be lazy abd only complain. That should be working. Also say he is inefficient.

by Seven - 1 year ago