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    Can I outsource content writing to an agency?

    I need to outsource content. Can I outsource it to a content writing agency without worrying about deadlines and quality of content?
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    Sure you can but keeping tight requirements and checking up would be necessary. Depending on your budget and niche it may be viable to look into finding students or recent grads interested in an internship. College students are always looking for ways to get published and finding very talented and devoted individuals could be a goldmine for any content oriented website. Some ways to find internships would be craigslist and even searching internship websites such as internships.com. Some students may be willing to work for free but offering some incentive and pay would build a stronger group of writers. You could even hold contests within the interns for page views and award prizes for contributions and exceptional work. I hope that helps, and good luck with your ventures!
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    • I have several blogs and websites and personally, I use Textbroker. I work with someone and would be more than happy to give you their email if you'd like. My email is gamblerssynonymous@gmail.com if you're interested in finding out more.

      by Thomas - 6 hours ago

    • Yes, but just like with internal employees, you should review and monitor the quality of the work. Depending if it is a one off requirement or an ongoing requirement would determine my approach. If one-off, then take a look at: oDesk.com or Freelancer.com If it is ongoing work then, I would look for a company like offsitestaff.com.au where they have an office in the Philippines, supervision and the staff would be working for you.

      by Phigit - 6 hours ago

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