Can someone help me with my career?

Ill try to keep this short. I'm 16 and I'm in 10th grade. And I want to start a small buisness when I get abt 21. It will be a hunting supply store (guns,clothes,supply etc. ) any suggestions? I have no knowledge what so ever about starting a buisness but I think it's what I really want to do! Is this a good "career" ?? Do I have to go to college for this? Any suggestions or info? Thanks

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I love your entrepreneurial attitude!

No you don't need college to start a business. (case in point: Bill Gates) However, he had some exceptional skills and a fresh idea. Taking business courses will certainly help you succeed. There is a whole aspect to running a business. You don't just get to show up and stand behind the counter. There's business loans, property procurement, overhead, ordering, competition with the larger "box" stores, marketing, payment options, ordering, income, payroll, profits, losses, taxes, etc.......... Business classes will help you understand this. Maybe you are the type of person that can learn things from reading and don't have to be shown. Buy a business start up book and see what information is out there. There's not a one size fits all plan so soak up all the info you can, however I STRONGLY recommend a business degree.

You can get the degree in less than 4 years and have it by the time you are 21. If you have enough high school credits you can take college classes during your senior year. Talk to your guidance counselor and ask her how you can get your credits earlier so you can get started with college.

In the mean time go get a part time job in a sporting goods store so you can gain experience, learn, and save money for your start up.

Endeavor to Persevere


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not sure you could compete with the big guys on this. maybe try and get a job at a sporting goods store. Cabela's or Dick's, if there's one in your area. then work your way up to manage.

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