how to return an item from ebay? IF I DON'T LIVE IN THE UNITED STATES?

I live in Monterey, Mexico
And I bought a item on ebay and i wanna return it because is not an original item, it's a reproduction
the seller have a policy of return

it says

Returns accepted up to 14 days from receipt. If set is in same condition as when shipped a full refund minus shipping costs will be issued. If set is shipped to wrong address due to buyer error, a 5-10% restocking fee will be issued from the refund.

But how, we don't have USPS,
We have "Correos de Mexico"
How should i return this, I need to pay for the shipping return?
The guy sent me this thing in USPS Priority Mail.

Thank You

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You should just send it by a comparable method from Mexico. Correos De Mexico should have a similar service for International Mail.

However, before you do that, you should make an "Item Not As Described" complaint through Ebay. Obviously I do not know what you paid for everything but, you could end up only receiving a small amount because of the shipping charges being deducted from what you paid.

By opening the claim through Ebay, you won't have to act within the 14 day period for returns. You may also get the seller to agree to reimburse the shipping at least one way, if not both.

This is the best thing you can do. Let Ebay advocate on your behalf.


1 year ago