Are most restaurant employees a-h-o-l-e-s?

i worked in a restaurant and all the staff were drug addict a holes who were so sarcastic and harsh to one another. like they liked eachother but through hatred. I hated working in a restaurant. every day i had to prove myself like i was prison so people wouldnt step all over me. what kind of environment is that, who would want to work in that environment. its all about who can fake being the nicest to eachther but behind everyone's back is non stop gossip and bad mouthing. these people seemed so miserable. maybe it was just the place i worked at. any one else, do you think so. service veterans answers welcome.

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it is possible that these people are/were abused throughout their lives and now this is just come easy to them ( i lived in a similar environment before). admittedly there is probably something wrong with the manager he should be able to weed the people out and make it a better environment. so if possible you should look for a new work place.

1 year ago

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Find a better restaurant.

by falsi fiable - 1 year ago