How to make a polymer clay charm Business on ebay?

I was thinking of selling my polymer clay charms on ebay...where do i start and what do i have to do? :) thx!

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I agree that Etsy might be better for this.

I started out selling in ebay too, but I think the clients in ebay are different from etsy.
In ebay you mostly go because you know you will be getting a good deal on an item,
(that's.why I use ebay too lol) but the manual labor is not always as appreciated like it is in Etsy.
In etsy you know the person who clicks on one of your items is looking
For something unique and appreciates handcrafted works.

I don't know if the policy changed now but in ebay there was a charge for extra pictures, in etsy it's a 20 cents per listing with 5 pictures included. There's a small percentage charge for each sale for both ebay and etsy,
And both accept paypal. If you do use paypal there's also.a small percentage that it takes.
The good thing about ebay is that it is more widely known than etsy, but it also means you have a lot more competition from factory made items. My etsy shop is, I also make clay items, a cell phone charm goes for 3$ (carefully crafted, takes hours to make) while in ebay you can buy wholesale with that but not always the best quality or creativity =/

Whichever you decide to use just make sure you read everything throughly, see policies on seller and buyer protection, transaction and listing fees, available payment methods (and possible fees for those), how issues are resolved if one was to arise, and just have a plan in mind of your own policies as well. I have my policies too and I always have a link to them on every listing I have up.

Also, I forgot about shipping! I was selling a big heavy item on ebay but the shipping couldn't be more than 5$, I guess that's just standard?, well the shipping I paid in the end was more and honestly I ended up losing on that one. On etsy I have a flat rate for.US buyers and a flat rate for international buyers, for small items, larger items vary per location.

Best of luck and wish you the best! =)


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I'd try Etsy instead.

by rtfm - 1 year ago