Would these sell well on eBay?

First few pictures:
The tile coasters. I make them. I am also working on making another set on lighter blue tile just with flowers on them. I do have them on this one site for $8, but I plan on lowering it to $7. Would they sell well on eBay? If needed I can explain them more. And if I do post them how much should I put for shipping?
$7 for all 4.

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No, eBay is more for commercial stuff (new or used) as opposed to hand made items. You will be better off using etsy or a local market. Sorry, but coasters arent really a "must have item" for most people. And $7 each is alot if you buy 6. You also might try "theming" to attract more people.

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Probably not. You're better off selling them on

by Henry - 1 year ago