Quick ways to collect money, for teenagers.?

I'm not allowed to have a job yet, but I need a way to get money that I will use to buy donations for my local animal shelter with.

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Fundraising chocolate
Lemonade/baking/fruit stand/crafts
( if people know its for a good cause they will be willing to buy)
Sell: old clothes to secondhand clothing stores,
CDs, video games, records and things to record stores, & books to secondhand book store etc
You may need a lot of CDs or books to sell to make a reasonable amount though.

I would also suggest an advertised Garage/ Yard sale with a range of different things & homemade baking :)

Good luck!!

1 year ago

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rob people. Plus, if you're donating to an animal shelter, comedians will appreciate the irony.

by Doctor Grim - 1 year ago

make stuff like jewelry or art or clothing and sell it online

by Keri Fudenberg - 1 year ago