ways i can earn money for a longboard?

im a thirteen year old girl and i really what a longboard (skateboard basically) it'll be so much easier to get home from school (i usually walk as it only takes like five minutes but ugh) while if i take the bus it literally takes 30 minutes bc im last stop. (my locker fits it, we have short lockers but they're wide lol..)

and i just think that longboarding would be just so fun ugh.
i get 3 dollars every day for lunch money, so if i save it up and take lunch from home i would have a total of 39 dollars by the end of this month. but i really don't want to wait that long. i found a cheap longboard 75 dollars, while most are in the higher 100 range. how can i get money quick? im thirteen i can't get a job.

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You reminded me of when I was thirteen. I used want a skateboard so bad. But anyways, what I did was to ask people for things they would be willing to pay me money for; specifically my parents and friends. Surprisingly, I got all the money in a month.

So yeah... try it out. Tell me what happens.

1 year ago