Questions about starting a hotel...?

i would like to rent/lease a historic building where i live. but i need to know some thing first.
-is it acceptable for hotel rooms to share the same bathroom?
-how hard will it be for me to get a loan to start my hotel.
-What are some good websites to learn about running a hotel.

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Put another question or two on your list:
- what would it cost to bring the historic building up to current building code, life safety code, fire code and health code?
- are there public or private grants for restoration/renovation of historic properties to increase tax revenue and public safety and public accommodation, while capturing historic elements of our local flavor?

There are many operating hotels that have shared bathrooms. Some of them are "grandfathered" only until they change ownership and provided they do not result in a danger to public health. Modern building code, as referenced and amended in your state, would have your answer.

Each state is allowed to adopt its own "hotel and motel code", so you might start there.


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