How much work can be done alone?

I started a company a little over a year ago, its in black, no worries there, but it isn't moving forward as most of the people i have cant find new clients or handle them except me, this way i am in a trap to build the business , get it financially sound and get new clients as well which isint working any help?

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Option A
Make a day or week schedule check out which work you can give to your employees and continue and concentrating getting the business more.
Option B
Trust your employee and give them kpi(Key Performance Indicator for each) re and monitor their KPIs , Review with them weekly separately.

Like how many new client contacted keep an eye to their communication and how many out of the order they are getting

Set the KPI like getting ten order a month if less than annual bonus will decrease if more than that they will success

This seem that you handling clients well and Personnel relation along with work are great

Retain your existing client by keeping good services

Watch out movie Rocket singh

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