should I work a bank job living the corporate life or start my own painting business?

So should I work a bank job I don't particularly enjoy living the corporate life of 8-5, shirt and tie everyday, inside at the same place everyday, playing office politics, working with mostly women (not as nice as it sounds) and being paid average monies?

Orrrr do I take the risk of owning and operating my own painting business, working more hours 7 till whenever, crazy hot sun and really cold days sometimes, change of scenery at least weekly, choosing my employees and still make average monies?

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Do whichever one will make you happy. Work takes up a huge part of your life so you need to be happy with what you do. If you get excited when you think about your job then you know it's the right one for you.


1 year ago

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wow, you're living in a fantasy world.

it's nothing like that dear.

and is that all the options you're giving yourself?


by zen - 1 year ago

that's two ends of the spectrum, one that requires a college degree at the very least and one that requires no formal education. One, at least for the next five years would mean income and the other for the next five years means starving. ummm, let me see now, for me I'd choose the steady paycheck and if I wanted to paint (and I assume you mean painting homes rather than scenery painting for show) I'd do that on weekends. As for you, well I don't know what you're all about so can't advise.

by sophieb - 1 year ago