ebay item returned to sender do i ship again?

I printed a label off ebay/paypal and got it back saying return to sender, insufficient address. Do I have to pay a second time to ship it out again? I also don't know what to do about the address, it was confirmed by paypal as correct.

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email the buyer.

that happened to me once, the buyer address as paypal conformed but i got the package sent back. to i emailed her and she said she moved over a year ago but never changed her paypal account.

i payed for shipping an 2nd time. but you can try to ask if this whole issue was the buyer's fault

1 year ago

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It didnt print correctly, I am guessing if the shipping address is correct. But email the buyer and make sure address is up to date. Buyer may not have updated address when paying. Look at the label and see if all the information corresponds to the shipping address you have. You can type up the address again and print it out on white paper and put it on top of the old address. You may not have to print another label and pay again.

Next time, you might use the USPS Click It And Ship It labels instead of Ebay or write the address by hand or just print the address on white paper and pay for it at the post office. Dont forget to do a delilvery tracking number.

by Flower - 1 year ago

Contact the buyer and ask them what is wrong with their address? Get them to check and correct their address with PayPal as necessary. Tell them that the item was sent and then returned. In theory they should pay you a second amount for shipping. No harm in asking them for additional shipping, they can only refuse.

by bron357 - 1 year ago