Starting a landscape business?

Ok so im 20, I know that might be young but I don't care, i've always wanted to own my own business whether it makes $20,000 a year or $120,000 a year it doesn't matter to me. I was thinking a landscaping business because i live on the beach of lake michigan and there are a lot of people from florida, arizona, and illinois with cabins here. I know this because i mow 3 cabins lawns for people that dont live around here. I make $45 a lawn so not much because its only 3 but i want to make a full business out of it. So if you have any advice it would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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do market research
write a biz plan

having any biz is worse than not having any....
efforts and $ invested ..wastefully

but you are on a good mental track!!

1 year ago

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I think you should do it. I always like to see young entrepreneurs. Just start out slow. I'm starting a business now and believe it or not I'm younger than you. Just get 1 lawn mover and an accountant and you'll be almost set. You can start off working by yourself and later pick up.

by Myron - 1 year ago