What can my 'fan club' name be?

So me and my friend have youtube channels and we have fans but I haven't made a fan club name yet XD. I wanted my fan club to be something more on the cute side, and if you can try to make the name based off of my name 'Emily Kieu' but just anything cute in general can work >.<
My videos are beauty and kpop related for those wondering~

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How about joining the the names together like emikiu fans or kieulys

and if you dont like those you can make it based on what you do, like what type of vids you have on your channel is it moslty news? or eduacational? is it comedy and you want people to laugh? or drama/ action maybe you like making your own kind of show ... you never mention the genra of your videos or provided a link with the channel name...

but here some ideas

for news: informant club
for comedy:cooly kieulys lol
idk it be easier if i saw a vid
by the way i make graphics i can design you a t-shirt or logo or even an intro for your vid or a sub domain web page.

click the link below if your intersted

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Fanny Clubber

by Wan2help - 1 year ago