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    can i open a case on ebay for this?

    Firstly i would like to tell you this is not a individual seller, it was a ebay business selling brand new items. so i brought an item which took almost a month to show up, my emails about this were ignored. when it finally arrived it was so badly packaged that the display box (ot was a toy) ot was in was badly damaged, but the item itself was ok. i left negative feedback as 1.it was very late (it said it would be with me within 5days) 2.they ignored my communication and 3.because it was badly packaged and box was damaged. within hours of me leaving this negative feedback, they offered me part refund in return for me to change to positive feedback. I told them i would accept the refund but i did not think o should have to change my feedback for that, there were a few emailed back and forth, them trying to get me to change my feedback, me telling them i thought it was very unprofessional way to do business and ending in them agreeing to give me a refund without me having to change my feedback. They even told me that they had already processed a refund into my PayPal account.......they didn't, i waited thinking it may take a few days to show, but again nothing..... i again emailed them asking about the refund i was told i would get....no communication again. So finally i decoded to leave follow up feedback, simply saying a refund was promised but have not seen a penny....again, within hours i got an email telling me that communication had need delayed due to a death in the family (i think using this as an excuse is very low and don't even believe it) and that they would be willing to give me part refund if i changed to positive feedback. I replied telling them i felt they should stick by their word of giving me a refund and that not sending a refund they had claimed had already been sent is even more reason for me to leave bad feedback, i also added that this is a very bad way to do business. this was on Monday and i haven't had a reply. they actually do have about 99% positive feedback, all the negative say the same thing, no communication, refund not given/item not arrived, ignored communication, no refund etc. quite a lot of the positive says about item being late, bad quality or just nothing put, so it does make me wonder if they are only issuing refunds of you change feedback... I actually don't care about the refund, i am just cross with the way they have gone about their business. is this a case or should i just leave it with the negative feedback?
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    What is thier name out of curiosity. And yes definetly leave the negative feedback. If the item is ok no case should be open. If it was bad then yes a significantly not as described (snad) case maybe open.
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    • open up a can of whoopAssss on them. ha ha, joking. just joking.

      by ManCave_ToXic - 12 hours ago

    • Dont u know how to check the feedback before buying?? Yes u may open a case if u wish to but its gonna only give u more headache. Had I would have been u,I would swear them and move on. Plz give a couple of more negative feedbacks instead of deleting your other ones.

      by Cool - 12 hours ago

    • The transaction concluded when you left feedback. There is no case now. Move on. Learn to read a seller's feedback BEFORE you buy.

      by G - 12 hours ago

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