how to convince my principle to start a no bullying club?

my school is full of drama that it is unbelievable. many kids are being bullied and i have been one of them before. i would love it to stop because i don't want anymore kids dropping out of school because of being bullied. i want to be able to have an empty classroom after school some days and talk to the kids about their problems. i believe that if kids talk to someone around their age then they will be more open about it. not many kids are open to school guidance councilers. i know im not. i want to give them advice on how to ignore the people that are bullying them. then i want to have a fundraiser to help the "stop suidicide" thing so we can help less kids commit suicide. so how can i convince my principle to help me start this?

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First, I think that that is an awesome idea! By awesome I mean AWESOME! Here is how you can greatly increase your chances of success. Get a petition going and get atleast 30 people to sign it showing that they think a club may help decrease bullying. On the petition write why you and the other students agree that an anti bullying club would help foster friendliness and non violence and abuse. Have people who would want to join that club print and sign their name on to another petition showing the people who want to join that club. Empathize with your principal. I'm sure she might want to work with you one this, but she has people that she has to report to. You have ti demonstrate to her that the club won't actualy indirectly promote bullying even if it is in reverse. What will you do if a bully wants to join the club? You would have to allow them to join. You're heading in a great direction though. Also make sure you can get a faculty advisor committed to decreasing bullies maybe a counselor or a trusted teacher.

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Forget the principal. Go to the Student Council. They are the ones that are there to get things like this done.

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You can get a "petition" signed by as many students as possible. In government that is the way to get something on the ballot for the general population to vote for a particular issues. Something that you could do is get a group of parents to go to the administration and demand that a club be formed. Schools tend to listen to parents since they are the people that make legal decisions for the children. If you get enough parents that want the club, you should have no problem getting what you want..

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