do people ever make a living selling on ebay?

if so how do they do that?

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I dont make a living, but I pull anywhere from 400-600$ a month in my spare time buying stuff from thrift stores and craigslist and listing it on ebay for more. I usually spend 2 hours or so on the weeknds hitting up the local stores and list it throughout the week.

I'm sure there are tons of people that make more than me, but this is a great way to get started and make some money!


1 year ago

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Hundreds of thousands of people are professional eBay sellers, and each does it in his or her own way.

None of them are going to share their inventory sources with you.

by G - 1 year ago

I'm a power seller on eBay, I have a income of £60,000 a year. The only advice I can give you is buy stuff in wholesale and sell then individually

by Kieren - 1 year ago

maybe if you have access to a wholesale product and can open an ebay store.

but most people just sell for fun.

by dourdan - 1 year ago