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    My job will not lay me off, but cut my hours from 35 to 7 per week, can I apply for unemployment?

    I am a carpet cleaner. My boss is in a tailspin. We have 3 vans. Most of the time two were on the road. Peaks like October-December, we make OT and all three are on the road. Not this year. No seasonal bump up at all. Now is the off season until Passover/Spring carpet cleaning in March. March-May is another peak. June-September is so-so. Jan-Feb is slow, never this slow before. I've had my hours cut a little in the past, maybe from 35 per week to 32. I can handle that. Now the first two weeks of 2013 I went from 35 hours to 7. One of the vans is for sale. I think they could go out of business. My average income went from $525 a week to $105 per week. Keep this up a few weeks and when they do go out of business, I will not have any unemployment at all. If things are that bad, just lay us off and go out of business! Dragging it out is going to bankrupt me. Seems unfair, maybe even illegal.
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    I would contact the better business bureau. They usually take care of things. Hope this helped :)
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    • Best to look for another job. If they are still paying u, you can't get unemployment.

      by Richard P - a day ago

    • When in doubt , apply.You can do it on line. Meanwhile,if business is that bad,it may be time to look for another job.

      by TedEx - a day ago

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