How do I make sure I get my refund on Ebay?

Im returning an item that I bought on Ebay but Im just going to send the original package back to sender to avoid having to pay for shipping, and by doing that I wont have a way to track it (if theres a way then please tell me) what if the person recieves the package but lies and says he/she didnt recieve it and wont give me a refund? how will I contact Ebay and tell them to make him issue the refund without proof that the item was returned??
Wait so if I choose the "send bacl to sender adress" option I might risk not getting my refund and having no proof of the return??

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If you refuse the package it shouldn't show up as delivered. If you already accepted the delivery your options are either to trust the seller or send it back with delivery confirmation or insurance. If you get no delivery confirmation and the seller says they didn't get it, you are pretty much stuck unless you have insurance and can file a claim with the shipping service.

You cannot make eBay make the seller refund you if you don't have proof that they received the return. Why should they take your word for it over the seller's?

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always contact ebay before doing anything, who ever was the shipper, call them and ask them about this so you are feeling safe about it too. its something that probably you could pay for, usps has it for like 1.00 so you see, but call the shipper.

by loves christmas lights - 1 year ago

You have to send it by some way that can be tracked. If you can prove it's been received, paypal will interview if the seller refuses to pay you back.

by shellanswerman - 1 year ago

get your refund first. then ship it. if the seller has a problem open a "item not as described" case.

as a seller i would never ask a buyer to send back an item without first giving a refund as a show of good faith.

by dourdan - 1 year ago

Returns are paid by the buyer with d/c, otherwise you won't get refunded.


by krn001 - 1 year ago