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    After college,do you prefer to start business or as a employee?

    It's been almost a year, I can't get a job after college graduation. And I decided to start a business. I want to build a food business,my mom will provide my financial needs for my business. Why do you think? Should I start a business and forget about finding a job? Or still continue to job hunt? Help!
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    If you are self motivated and believe in yourself then by all means set up your business. Start with your business plan and work from there. The unemployment rate in the UK is very high and banks have a very good rate at the moment for small businesses if you were to choose that route for funds. A food business can be a difficult sector to work into, however, if you have a good source and make good progress it can be a great success and you can be happy that you have achieved something. Its all about the way you market your company and advertise as well as the product/service you are selling. In comparison with being employed in a full time job, you may have to start working on a shop floor and it could take years before you are doing something you want to do, however, if you are considering entrepreneurship then you are your own manager and you can model the company how you want too and in the same industry as what you want to work in. You will be faced with lots of different tasks and need to be organised. You will be always on your feet rushing around accomplishing tasks in order to hit your targets. Personally I would prefer the entrepreneur route rather than full time employment as it gives you more freedom to do what you want. But at the end of the day its your choice, if you feel you have the motivation and organisational skills to set up a company then go for it. However if you would prefer to be employed on full time employment, being bossed around and told what to do, keep hunting around.
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