If i dont want to go to work next saturday what should i say? please READ?

i work at fun station u.s.a. but i just started and i dont have a schedule yet so like for instance he actually just called me to see if i can come in tomorrow. like he didn't say come in tomorrow. he said if i can...anyways next saturday my moms boss is throwing a big party and my crush might go. heres the thing i dont have money now and i have my license but i dont have my own car. i want to go to this party too because my moms boss is very rich and is going to cater a lot of good food. now im going to college soon so like what and how should i say i cant make it next saturday (jan. 19)? and please no stupid answers i will give best answer who ever has he best one thanks.

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Just go to the party after work. I am not sure what your schedule is but I assure you there will be other parties. If you need the money go to work if not then you better schedule off at least a week or two in advance. Hope this helps

1 year ago

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no brainer; go to work if it is available

by kemperk - 1 year ago