How many used vending machines can I buy with 30K and how much profit would I make with good locations?

I was wondering how profitable is the vending machine business and how much money would I be making with 30k in cash.
How long would it also take to get my investment back?

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The vending machine industry has essentially became a MLM type scam. The money is made in selling you machines and selling you "routes", but the routes usually suck. The good locations are already under contract (as was stated above).

Remember, to get in a mall, outside a store, inside a store, etc you have to get an agreement with the owner of the location. Any high traffic area already has this covered. You won't make a dime.

1 year ago

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Don't do it. It's a dog eat dog business and all the good places are all ready under contract to vending companies.You would have to have full time employees to help you in delivery and repair plus an inventory. Used vending machines are worn out and would be very costly ito keep them running. You would loose your money in an heartbeat and be heavenly in debt.


by Larry E - 1 year ago