Create a business with dirt money?

I've been seeing criminals start business like bars and strip clubs with dirty criminal money. How do they do that and not explain where the money comes from?
When you get a license and get everything running and by everything won't people say "Where did you get this much money?"
I know you can say something like... "lucky at the race track", but what if they investigate or something.

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You use more of that dirty money to pay people to be quiet. You hire people to do everything for you with that there dirty money and you kick back and rake it all in.

1 year ago

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They do eventually get caught, if not done right. Let's say a drug dealer saves up $300,000. They could get away with opening a club and it not being noticed, as long as they stop dealing drugs. Why would police investigate them if they aren't dealing drugs, and so of course, no one will find out.

It's not like the owner of the building the club is in is going to ask you where you got the money from.

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