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    Im starting an IT consulting firm, how do I go about getting new clients?

    Me and my associate are starting an IT consulting firm. We are both proficient and hard working, but, we are uncertain on how to approach business' and convince them that we area good option for their IT needs. Do I just arrange a meeting with their IT staff? Who should we talk to or what dept? How can we present ourselves in order to make a good impression? In other words, how do we go about getting new clients? Thank you all in advance :) p.s. Obviously we are only two people (were partners), but with a new project, we would hire more personel.
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    You and your associate have just realized the truth -- you are now salesmen. If you suck at sales, your business will fail. You will have to "cold call" hundreds or thousands of local businesses and try to get a meeting. From the meeting, you have to try to make your proposal and get a contract signed. I suggest you start finding companies that sell contact information for business owners, management, etc. at local companies and start calling them. TRY TO AVOID SECRETARIES. They won't pass your info up. Try to get numbers to management.
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    • You need to be more definiative in what you are doing. Are you opening a computer repair company? or really an IT consulting firm? Typically people who start any kind of consulting firm have contacts that they know will come on board, even before the business is started.

      by A Hunch - 20 hours ago

    • Go to http://www.guru.com/, http://odesk.com or http://freelancer.com to see if you qualify for any of the posted contract jobs. If so, post your qualifications and bid on the work.

      by Henry - 20 hours ago

    • Congratulations on your new venture. It is good that you and your associate have made that big step into the IT world. While I can't give you any personal advice, I would like to point you to websites that could probably give you some insight on what you are looking for. One is a free site and the other is not ($97 but a good investment). http://www.udacity.com/ (free) http://www.howtocontract.net/ (pay) I hope this information will help you out.

      by The Rev - 20 hours ago

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