Trying to start a small electronic business?

Me and my older 18 year old brother want to start a electronic business buying like cheap iPhones that have broken screens and fix them then flip them (sell) would it be hard? And would we make good money?

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As long as you know how to repair them, or can easily identify ones that have easy fixes which can be done just by putting a new $20 screen or something. I'd just place ads on Craigslist saying that you buy broke iPhones, and make an offer based on what is wrong with the phone. LOOK AT IT IN PERSON before making your final offer.

Fix it, list it on ebay or craigslist, and wait for the profit. It's a good idea as long as you know what you're doing.

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It is really a good money.. Nothing is hard if you work hard for the same. All your need is good contacts in the related business and Good customer service. Above all, you should have Business Promotional Ideas and Money, else nothing will work.Today everything is based on Advertisement . Not required to be in Lakhs but various other ways like, Flyers, Internet adds, free adds, local weeks papers,..
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