Can I use McDonald(s) as my company name.?

McDonald's is already a company, but I want to create a company with my last name in. So McDonalds Computers, McDonalds Farm, McDonalds Games. Can I do this without being sued?

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trademarks are based on categories... McDonalds obviously has all the categories for restaurants, food service, etc.

But they aren't going to own the trademark for air conditioning repair, bicycles, computers, and a bunch of other things...

1 year ago

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Maybe...McDonalds is an established name in the hospitality/restaurant industry - as long as your company name would not confuse customers into believing that your company had something to do with the fast food chain, you would probably be okay - for example, McDonalds Nursery would probably be okay, McDonalds Old Time Bar and Grill would not

by Steve D - 1 year ago

If it's your legal name and not associated with restaurants or food, the answer should be yes.

by The Whistling Gypsy - 1 year ago

Trademarks and names ARE NOT AT ALL BASED ON CATEGORY. The WWF had to go to WWE bc of this... Anyway, you will be fine until, should you become so large and profitable that "Ronald" sees you're using his name, he gon' take yo ass to court, where
he and his lawyers will devour you like 2 beef patties and special sauce!

by Jordan J - 1 year ago