ebay, sellers take my money but won't ship!?

Okay, I lost the ability to open cases in the resolution center in August... I had a few sellers take my money, but wouldn't ship my item... I'd message the sellers and give them a few days to reply. I'd message them though eBay and regular email, I was being ignored... So yeah, I opened cases...

But now I'm still having problems with sellers not shipping my items after I pay... Only difference now is the fact that I can't do squat, the thieves are walking away with my money and giving me nothing in return... I'm flooding them with messages, but at no prevail...

I was wondering if there was any thing I can do?
If not, can I delete my eBay and make another one? If I do this will I have access to the resolution center?

And please don't be rude with your answers! No- I was not opening cases for the hell of it... No- I was not abusing the resolution center, I seriously wasn't getting what I bought! They'd provide tracking numbers, but they'd NEVER update! Fake numbers or what?

We're sorry there's a problem with your purchase. Unfortunately, you're no longer covered by eBay Buyer Protection. Please contact the seller to work things out.
docd1o2... I lost my ability to use the resolution center in August, the items I'm not receiving are recent purchases... Not old ones from August, I'm not that stupid!

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You're doing something wrong. Of course there are always a few scammers on eBay, but not so many that you'd be running into them again and again.

If you open a new account, you'll have to link it to your Paypal account in order to pay. Or create a new Paypal account with the same idenitfying info.The first time you open yet another case, eBay will suspend both accounts.

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Sorry but its your own mistake. IT's January 2013 now. You had over 4 months and you never reacted? you can try to re-open a case and ask them to check the communication between the buyer and seller. They should notice the dead communication. But the fault is all yours if you never started the Resolution Center when it was valid.

by docd1o2 - 1 year ago