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    Want to be a singer and start off with youtube, how to ask mom?

    I want to be a singer, and a lot of people have told me to start off with YouTube. However, I'm not sure if my mom will let me start uploading videos of myself singing onto YouTube because she doesn't even let me have a Facebook and stuff like that. So how should I go about bringing up the topic of uploading videos on YouTube and what should I say to try to convince her?
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    I think that if you want to sing you should approach your mom in an adult and calm fashion (thus proving you are responsible enough). Start by asking her why she objects to you on these websites and see it from her point of view. Explain why you want to sing and tell her that the content wouldn't be inappropriate and you just want to share your voice. Let her have time to think about it but in a week or two if she hasn't made a decision gently remind her. I can't promise anything but being kind and calm will be your best bet at showing her you are grown up enough. Another suggestion is not to be all nit picky about privacy she may just be over protective. Good Luck!!
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    • Why do you need to? If your at least 13 I say she doesn't even need to know. That's when I started mine and now I have a pretty decent fan base. I'm recognized at least a few times a week. Just go for it.

      by Jane - 8 hours ago

    • Tell her that uploading vids on youtube is self promotion which equals easier to get jobs if you are famous

      by STF - 8 hours ago

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