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    Can You Help Me: Failure in Business?

    I know what works, and I know what I need to do, but here is my quick story: I run an online business with a friend who helps me here, since we live in the same place, but he is hardly here, so it's mostly me 95% of the time. I run a small modeling project, and I work part time, and around here, it's hard to keep a job...even when you are there on time and working hard for many of us. 2012 and 2011 were not great years for me. I lost a job, went through personal debts, took on weird jobs (sold magazines for a company that lied to me) yet many of the models I work here are still here, many of them believe in me and this project. But I fail when I know I could have done something. I feel like I never have time because the days go by so damn fast! I don't have the money to sit at home and do nothing but spend money and time on my business. I get stressed out and feel as if all of my ideas I put together and our plan, is all stressing me out because I am uncomfortable, but I am persistent; I can't give up, I am not like those who give up on a concept because things get hard for them. Thomas A. Edison once said “I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.”, I would love to hear from those who can help me with what I can do to better myself a little in this, again, I know what works, time and stress are things that I either worry about or seem to be against me with everything I do, I feel as if I let those I work with on my project down.
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    Be Flexible, Make the contingency planning you fails once or twice want to restart, I think Plan A you are trusting discuss with your friend or family if it really work for you or not , Make you self clam by prayers as this help you reduce stress, apart from your plan continue odd job so one pressure might reduce i.e your basic running of life and meanswhile continue work on ur plan with consistency Good luck
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