How can I open up a business when it's too expensive to even start one?

I feel like i can't even start a business because lack of money, any recommendation?
and i'm looking to open up a local gym, kind of like 24 fitness

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Yup, the reality of the world. It takes money to make money, or everyone would have a business. I'm sure someone will say something about getting a grant (which does not exist), or someone will say get a loan (of course they don't have any experience with this either), but the only way this will happen is if you are able to save up your own money. Work two jobs if you have to.

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by ? - 1 year ago

I recommend first looking in your area at similar health clubs or gyms; if there is more than two then already you'd have competition. That's not to say it isn't possible for you but it would involve a lot of work and money. I think you'd be better off being a personal trainer first, if that's something you'd consider..I heard they can make good money, plus you'd get your name out there, and by the time you'd have enough money for your gym people would know and trust you. Good luck!

by Anya - 1 year ago

Hi, Lebron J! I found articles on the costs of starting a business and a few tips on how to start a business that may help you.


by Maxine - 1 year ago