What time does the Gamestop and WalMart in Cliton, Mississippi get their video game shipments?

I want Red Dead Redemption: Game of the Year Edition, but my Gamestop or WalMart don't have them. I have waited about 3 days, but they don't tell me when they get their shipments. If you live anywhere in the Central Time Zone, could you please help me. And if you want to play online with me, my account name is IndianBatman. Send me a message and we could probably play a game together.
Thanks for your time.
I have a PS3.

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Its when ever their distribution center gets the shipment then divided into all there store trailers sent for shipment usually within 48 hours the trailers are on there way then however long it takes the stores to offload and separate within store departments. Min two days max four days.


1 year ago