I am going to start a collection agency which business name sounds best? Any ideas of your own?

I know to make sure the domain is available and all of that. Does anyone have any good ideas for a collection agency that does not have the word collections in it and is original? Here is what I have so far. Do you like any of my names so far and do you have an idea of your own? This would be so helpful and I would love to hear your input!

Direct American Solutions (DAS)

Direct America Now (DAN)

Pay Money Solutions (PMS)

Powers Max Solutions (PMS)

Anomie Community Solutions
no im a woman and i want to start a woman owned collection agency i thought PMS would be great... not a joke this is real. it will stick in peoples minds think about it

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I LOVE PMS! Very catchy! Payback money solutions?

1 year ago

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Edited: Women have worked so hard to get over stigmas for centuries.
Did you know that some men still look down upon women doing business, management positions and owning companies.
Have a beer and think overnight about this.
Make women more powerful. Not weaker.
Note: I worked at a place that had the PMS report.
The project manager engineers never noticed it until I brought it up.
They did NOT laugh. They were horribly embarrassed - go figure engineers.
For kids, it may be funny. I think one 21 year old laughed.
Not for adults.

by Silly Goose - 1 year ago

I prefer Direct American Solutions.

by Tyred123 - 1 year ago

ignore the name till you have gained 15 clients!
[of course, create any name for your license]

by kemperk - 1 year ago