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    Ebay item delivered and signed for, but never received and not my signature!?

    I bought a very expensive item ($320 usd) from an ebay seller in the UK on 12/20/12. The seller emailed my the next day and told me they have shipped out the item. Then on 1/2/13 the seller marked it as "shipped" (w/out tracking number) in ebay and then emailed me asking if i like the item. I responded to them that i have not received it, but will let them know once i do. Then received a reply with a tracking number and the seller telling me that it was delivered today and signed for. I told them thats not right, because i am at work and no one is at my home to sign for it. After countless calls to my post office and usps customer service, still no resolution other than someone signed for it and i do not recognize the name. I went straight home from work to find nothing! I went to my neighbors to check with them, but like me, they were at work all day as well. I have tried to ask the seller for help, but they keep telling me that it'll maybe show up someday. Im not sure what to do at this point and I feel horrible opening a INR case in ebay, but im still out $320 and receiving no help from the seller. Will i win the case if I do open an INR case? This is very frustrating because i was really looking forward to this item!
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    Contact eBay and lodge a complaint to get your money back for non-delivery to you. The shipping company has a log of their route/delivery times/service person on duty. They get the signature from the person in the house - find out what address the package was delivered to. Someone had to come out of the house to do the signing, they won't let a passer by sign for something.
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    • You can't open a case in eBay because the package tracking says it was delivered. I'm sorry but not sure what to tell you about trying to get USPS to tell you where they really delivered it. I recommend you ask on eBay's discussion boards instead of here.

      by G - 8 hours ago

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