Would this be the right thing to do?

I did not make a clear hiring decision and want to back out. I was approached by a person for part time work. To be honest, I was feeling a little rocky that day and offered a job to her job to "look good". Two weeks later, today, she is scheduled to come in and train. What it gets down to, I want someone with related experience. I texted her, bad I know, to let her know. She flew off the hook and said she was counting on it and if that were the case, she would have been looking elsewhere. Then I said, ok. Come in anyway. She is not the right fit for the job. My question, I am going to pay her for the weeks I took her off the job market and call it good. . Do you think that is fair?

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Buddy, I understand clearly what you meant. However since you have given her the words or a job.
Ask her to seek another job meanwhile she is with you. Tell her that you are not experienced or trained so either you work for lesser pay until you are fit to work the given job or search for another job.

Its good to be blunt or else burn your heart or pocket.

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