How to get up the ranks in business?

I've been trading online for a few months and each month on average, I've made profits of £400. I want to start an online electronics company such as that of and to rival GAME (UK). How can I begin to expand keeping in mind I have time to make mistakes and not too much money for a start up!
No sarcasm please if you don't want to give a little advice then go find someone else to unleash your comments on rather than me.

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Make a Facebook page for your website for people to "Like". Invite lots of people, and have updates on that page.

You can even create a new "fake" Facebook profile, send friend requests to people you don't know who are of a specific demographic (e.g. teenage boys or something like that), just any demographic who you think will use your services more, and invite them to the page. I did this once and my page grew quite quickly, and if it's business related it can really help things and get the word around.

Social media is a useful tool to promote businesses, and completely free. I'm not sure of Twitter is useful for promoting a business though, but Facebook definitely is.

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Goodluck with all ur dream 2013...

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