Business question? *no rude comments please*?

So is it illegal for two minors to start an online business? And if its ok, would they have to register it with the state or anything?

The business would just be to sell handmade items if that helps.

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no, i actually dont think so. it would all have to be under your parents name i think.


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Doesn't sound illegal, but it depends on what type of items you are making.
If the items could be considered illegal to sell then yes, or dangerous you could have a law suit on your hands.
I'm not sure if you have to register it but you may depending on how much money you make and you will most likely have to pay taxes on the money you make.
Or if you sell it on ebay you will have to pay ebay a listing fee or sellers fee.
Hope this answer was helpful.
Good Luck!

by Mike - 1 year ago

One problem, how would they accept payment? All merchant accounts (such as paypal for example) require you to be over 18.

by - - 1 year ago