What do I do ebay problem?

So I've recently just received my item that I bought from ebay and the item was describe as being new but what I got was totally not what it was (scratches and spots of idk what on it). So I left a negative comment before contacting the guy like he said to do in his description. (I personally thought that it wouldn't have been necessary since I could fix it myself...and the negative feedback was for the fact that it wasn't what it was listed as) Afterward I realize that he didn't ship an item that came with the original product so I messaged him. Everything went well until he saw the negative feedback and now he doesn't want to send it and without it I can't use the item I should I open a case?

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Open a "not as described" dispute through PayPal. Say that the item was listed as new but it wasn't, it was well used and in poor condition and you did not receive all components of the item. Ask for a full refund (or whatever you want) but if you ask for a refund you will have to mail it back (by recorded mail) to the seller at your expense. That's the rules re PayPal disputes. If he doesn't give you what you want, after say 10 days (but before 21 days) you can escalate the dispute to a claim. PayPal then decides. On what you've said, you'll get a refund and his days as a selling would be numberedz,


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you will have to open an "item not as described" case. for future reference NEVER leave feedback until the issue is 100% over.

feedback is the only card you have to play, so if you have already played it, he has no reason to help you.

by dourdan - 1 year ago