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    Question about selling on eBay?

    If I were to sell 15 pieces of brand New With Tags clothing (If I had paid $2.00 to $4.00 for each piece) how much would a reasonable profit be? It would take about 4hrs in time to prepare the sale. include: $22.00 in gas, 9% eBay fee on final sale price, 4% PayPal fee on sale price. Please no wise remarks about eBay. I know already know it's not the best place.
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    That would be determined by the market's willingness to pay for your item, are they brand name? ( rhethorical question), some sizes and brands are more popular than others. Here is a good tip, research for the current similar listings and also the "completed ads"_ click on "advanced" near the search bar, then type the item title and then check the box for completed listings, you will be able to see how much similar listings sold for. It is a good thing that you know that you need to deduct all fess including Final value and paypal, you are ahead of most people who do not....
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