What should be the audition process for getting new dancers?

The old process was doing a strip tease right on stage as the audition and testing her mettle as a dancer by having our resident dancers hurl insults at her to see if she still goes and ignores them. It's what I call the heckler test with the dancers as the hecklers

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The heckler test you describe would be one "heck" of a job interview. Just have her do a set of 3 dances & see how she does under normal conditions. If any customers heckle her, do what is normally the policy. The interview can be asking her about herself, finding out if she has any restrictions on when she can work, telling her about the rules, telling her the best ways to handle hecklers & any other frequent problems, & seeing how she reacts to all of that.

Another way would be to have an amateur night, to invite any passable ones to fill out a job application, & to interview those. Presumably, there would still be prizes for participating & for the best. Amateur night might really draw a crowd & would test how she dances before such a large crowd. (On the other hand, it would not test how she does when it's slow & boring, but she could be invited back to try out during normally slow times.)

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Paint them naked.

by Noah - 1 year ago