Amazon order taking forever any thoughts?

I ordered a Xbox disc drive on Friday and now its Wednesday.The Thing says Shipping Estimate Monday December 31, 2012 - Wednesday January 2, 2013
Delivery Estimate: Friday January 4, 2013 - Wednesday January 9, 2013 by 8:00pm,so im just really asking is Amazon accurate with they estimations?
with there estimations?

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Maybe the 31st and 1st are considered non-business holidays. I've gotten everything on time. Check your tracking number, it'll tell you where the packages are. It's also a busy time of year. If you get it late, give a poor rating when asked.

1 year ago

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Everything I've ever ordered from Amazon was delivered on, or before the estimated delivery date.

by Splash Frog ♥'s Wii-U - 1 year ago

Amazon are generally good with their estimations, but since its just after the Christmas Period, they will be busy trying to fulfil any orders placed while the warehouse was closed. I would just be patient.
However, if you Ordered from a Third-Party Amazon Marketplace Seller, your delivery time may be substantially longer than if you ordered directly from Amazon.


by Duaan - 1 year ago