is it too early to start buying things for my home at 17?

i am turning 17 in January, i wont be moving out for a year and a half at the absolute earliest, because i will still be in high school when i turn 18 and i cant work full time at that point. but when i see things on sale, like cookware, and home decor, i really wish i had my own house already so i could get it and use it. So, would it be dumb if i went ahead and bought the things and kept them in my closet until i could use them? then when i did get my own place i would have accumulated some things to partially furnish it with.

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Tastes change and in even two years what you buy may not seem what you want then. You have no idea what opportunities might come along. You could be living in another country where transporting them would not be worth it. Save your money and shop when you need it.

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Don't do it. Save your money.
You'll need it. Trust me.
You might even need a car, or have major car problems.

Note: I had all kinds of things given to me by family when I moved out.
Old pots and pans, old silverware, etc.
And furniture I got at garage sales or hand me downs from family.
You're buying NEW stuff? Really?

by Silly Goose - 1 year ago

Just start keeping an Amazon wish list of all the things you want. That way you'll be able to see them and remember them all any time you want, but you won't already have spent all your money when it comes time to move in. When your actual moving day arrives, you'll think of dozens of things you wish you had instead of the cute cookware or martini glasses or photo frames -- such as a shower curtain, a toilet plunger, a wastebasket, a coffee maker, sheets for the bed, a frying pan, a lamp and light bulbs, etc.

by rtfm - 1 year ago