Why are small businesses not rewarded/encouraged?

Tomorrow will be "small business's" day for two days where I live and it gets me reminded of the difficulties they face where as the government not only doesn't do anything to make it easier on them, but keeps taking and taking until there's nothing left to give. Is it just me, or am I referring to an urban legend?
Not just the US but in all industrialized nations
Wrong. That's the democrats concept which is the exact opposite of the industry rewarding concept. Liberals are the ones who keep taking (and then putting it in the wrong places) only because they don't run things properly so they find easier targets (like what the other answer said) to make them pay for the mistakes they made.

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In my opinion it's because of low capital, with low trust among in market that's why

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Because we live in cooperate america they should be supported but capitalists just want alll the money they can have so that's why

by DrunkRooster24 - 1 year ago

Not a legend. They are easier targets than larger businesses.

by Cicero - 1 year ago

Depends where you are. Small businesses have lifted most of South East Asia out of poverty and are appreciated. But the special interests almost universally favor consolidation and monopoly, so in countries like Australia, small business owners are essentially persecuted financially, as they are not wanted.

by Warthog - 1 year ago