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    If I opened a dog grooming business, how much would I expect to make?

    I wanted to run my own dog grooming business in my house, I live in a neighborhood filled with dogs and I read the pet business is booming. If I got a lot of business I would maybe buy a grooming van. Any suggestions? I'm signing up for school soon.
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    Don't limit yourself to your neighborhoods, people will come to you if you have good service. The profit really depends on your size, location, service and number of potential customers. But to succeed in this business, you first have to market out your business. You have to let people know that you exist now, and welcome them to come. I suggest you take more time develop a marketing strategy before starting.
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    • I had a friend that tried do just that and he was barely able to break even

      by Steve - 19 hours ago

    • Does your home-owner's insurance cover home-based businesses? Does city code allow you to run a home-based business? Are you old enough to sign a contract and get a sales tax certificate? Do you have any experience with dog clippers? One little nick on a frisky dog could turn into an infection that could run up thousands of dollars of vet bills. It would make sense for you first to get a job working with an experienced dog groomer and learn the business first.

      by smallbizperson - 19 hours ago

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